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Food Enzyme

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Food Enzyme

Enzyme Bioscience holds expertise in the segment of enzymes and known as one of the reputed Food enzyme supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. We are leading supplier and exporter of different enzymes such as fruit processing enzymes, herbal extraction enzymes, baking enzymes, tea enzymes, dairy and protein processing enzymes. Known for its best quality, our provided food enzymes are highly appreciated by our all customers.

Enzymes are used in food processing from many decades and today’s time enzymes are useful in various food industries to provide better quality and increasing production efficiency. With the help of enzymes, customers can get environmentally products which are produced using low energy, water and raw material.

Food enzymes are useful in food production process. Especially in process of raw material and in protein and starch process. Enzymes are present in grains and hence also in flour. They are also playing key role in baking. These enzymes have many processing aids for the food industry like cake, biscuits, snack, bread, pasta and buns. Food enzymes also plays important role in Tea processing industry as they are used during processing of tea leaf and thus increasing output. Similar type of process is used in the herbal extraction of cellular component. It is thus used in food processing as flavoring additives in food industry. So enzymes provide many type of benefits to the food processing industry by improving production process.

Our food enzymes find applications in several commercial uses such as food processing (For processing of vegetables and fruits, quality improvement and wastage reduction), flavors, backing (For bakery product such as biscuits and breads), dietetics (For good digestion of dietary proteins, fats and starch) and for industrial use in several industries such as pharma, chemical and food industries. We are also capable to provide customize solutions for specific problems as per customer requirements

Hold leading name in the segment of food enzyme suppliers in India. We are offering top quality food enzymes to our valuable customers at best discounted prices. Clients can avail these food enzymes and other dietary supplements as per their requirement directly from us.

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