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Meat Tenderizer Powder Supplier

Meat Tenderizer Powder

Meat Tenderizer Powder supplier & manufacturer in India - Enzyme Bio

Meat Tenderizer Powder

Enzyme Bioscience is one of the reputed Meat Tenderizer Powder supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. This powder is highly appreciated among customers for its tenderizing properties. It is safe to use among all age group of people as it does not contain any type of preservative and food additives. It is very helpful for the taste enhancing of the meat.

Meat tenderizer powder of Enzyme bioscience can help you to pound all type of meat such as chicken, beef and other cuts of meat. Whenever you want to cook in your kitchen, our tenderizer powder can help you. It will provide good taste and improved texture of various fish and poultry dishes. It can break downs fibers of tough meat more easily and help in reducing cooking time by 35 to 40%. Process of meat tenderizing can make softer and improved meat. It also help to make easy to cut and can save cooking time. Meat tenderizer powder works by break down the bonds of cells of meat. Most common types of tenderizers are Papain and bromelain, used in meat tenderizers as Proteolytic Enzymes and called as proteases. It can break down the bonds between amino acids of complex protein. Complex protein is known as collagen, is responsible to hold meat together. Meat tenderizer powder is sprinkled on uncooked food and they can soften it within some minutes. Thus the final food is easy for digestion.


  • Meat with more improves texture and softness.
  • Easy to cut and save cooking time.
  • Necessary for some recipes that require for meat to be in one thickness, and cooks evenly.

It is one of advance enzyme formulation; you can combine the meat tenderizer powder with a seasoning of choice. It is also necessary to use meat tenderize powder in relation to the weight of meat and cook meat immediately after applying the powder for good taste as per recipe. For tendering any type of meat in efficient way, meat tenderizer is the only solution. It will provide guaranteed result for tenderizing meat in natural way. Taste of meat also improve because of the applied spices which goes up to inside. As a reputed meat tenderizer powder supplier in India, we are offering this product in all sizes and sealed packing as per customer requirement. We suggest you to store it in a cool and dry place.

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